IDEO visit notes

Met with Ashlea Powell at IDEO, 28 Mercer Street today.
– IDEO differentiates itself by solving bigger problems and asking bigger questions. Where is the world going? Not how do I make this line wait time shorter?
– Paradigm shift: Weight Watchers is organized around the idea of loss (negative connotation). Instead, focus on the positive (feel better, gained friends, more sleep, etc)
– Ashlea has a creative writing background and business/spanish undergraduate degree. Talked about combining left brain thinking with right brained thinking.
– Have to “go slow to go fast.” Good ideas are everywhere and you have to be aware of things that aren’t in your direct path.
– Admit they are not industry specific experts. Have to collaborate, but also bring a unique perspective/background.
– Multidisciplinary teams. Everyone is T shaped: have specific disciplines that know well and then have broad capabilities that cover a variety of topics. Projects average 12 weeks
– Portfolio: show real world problem solving
– Prototype becoming a broad term: For Peruvian bank, took over a different bank to prove or disprove a hypothesis
– Visual communications design: includes outward facing materials to the end user (an app), but also communicating the process and the project to the client
– Designers today not only trying to make things pretty. They look for an unexpressed need. Identify the piece that’s missing and that will add value.


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