3-D printing custom consumer products

As new technologies make personalization of consumer products more feasible for the masses, I’m sure more companies will be cashing in on it like this company Protos:

Who wouldn’t want something customized to perfectly fit your body, preferences, and style?


Personally, I tend to have a hard time shopping for anything because I usually have such a specific idea in mind of what I’m looking for.  Then nothing in the stores measures up to what I had imagined.

Protos used a crowdfunding campaign to get their feet off the ground.  They raised their goal of $25,000 that will help them develop a web interface and sell their products in high volumes.  Their custom frames and lenses cost $399.

I remember when Levi’s first started selling custom fit jeans back in 1995.  But for whatever reason, it didn’t seem to catch on.  Maybe it was the price?  Do you the average consumer is willing to pay a significant amount more for something that fits a little bit better?


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